Business Japanese Check Test


We offer an online level check service for those who want to know how well they can communicate in Japanese in business situations.

Through the combination of an online test and an online interview with a certified career-consultant Japanese language teacher, your ability to interact in business situations will be accurately assessed.

Feedback will be provided on your true Japanese language skills for use in the workplace, which cannot be measured by the JLPT or BJT (Business Japanese Test).

Applying is easy!

Step 1: Contact Us

Please click HERE to contact us. We will send you an invitation.

Step 2: Register

After confirming your registration and payment of the examination fee (20,000 yen), you will be notified of your ID and PW.

Step3: Online Test

Please take the online test within the given period.

The test consists of 40 questions covering listening and reading comprehension and takes about 60 minutes. You will be notified of your score immediately.

Step4: Online Interview

An online interview will be scheduled and conducted with you. A certified career consultant Japanese language teacher will conduct a competency interview to assess your business-level Japanese language skills, communication skills, and cross-cultural competence.

Step5: Results

You will receive the results of the evaluation in data format. A verbal report will be given to each person upon request.