Our business

Online One-on-One Japanese Lessons

CONNECT JAPANESE is an online learning platform launched for KAI Japanese Language School alumni who wish to continue studying after graduating.

Even after you return to your country or start working, you can still continue your studies, so please feel free to visit us.

Those who are not alumni of KAI are also more than welcome to join us!

Perfect for beginners through to advanced level students wanting to study Japanese, improve conversation skills, prepare for JLPT or business Japanese and etiquette, KAI CONNECT Online offers programs with experienced teachers to suit your needs.

Career Support

We provide career support for international students and foreign nationals who aim to find employment in Japan.

Nationally certified career consultants, who are also Japanese language teachers, are ready to help you with your career consultation.


Ms. Shiano OYAMA

Professional experience

  • Head of Japanese language course design: 13 years
  • Organizer of career seminars: 5 years
  • Business Japanese program development: 6 years
  • Career counseling for international students: 5 years, 100 cases per year


  • Completed Coursework from Ochanomizu University Graduate School in Humanities with a Doctorate degree in Comparative Cultural Studies
  • Graduated from Hiroshima University Graduate School of Education with a Master’s degree in Japanese Language Education (Master of Education)
  • Career Consultant (National Qualification)
  • Second Grade Certified Skilled Professional of Career Consulting
  • JAOS Certified Study Abroad Counsellor

Resume writing support and interview training

We can assist you in making your resume more attractive to Japanese companies and help train you for job interviews.

Corporate Analysis

With our extensive experience and information on Japanese companies, we can advise you on how to analyze companies and develop a corporate perspective.

Matching companies with foreign personnel

Based on the needs of companies considering hiring foreign personnel, we provide foreign job seekers as matches based on their outlined requirements.